Diner Dress








Good Condition

Seller Notes:

This is a diner dress from the old sizing, so this fits as a snug extra small compared to the more recent runs. Excellent condition, always line dried and steamed.

The Diner Dress was inspired by vintage uniforms, pearl snaps and all. Equally great for all body types, but made with larger busts in mind! In addition to to the darting, defined waist, pockets, and pleated skirt, we added a pleated vent in the back to prevent any gapping. 

Linen/Cotton Blend, Preshrunk, Faux Pearl Snaps, Imported.

Fit note: This style fits true to size. We recommend taking the size shown on the fit finder. If you prefer a slimmer fit, please take the size shown as "slim fit" on the finder.

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          Sold by Emmily C